About Me

Hello - I'm a 30 something mom of a unique blended family. It's unique because I'm not legally married but our love, devotion and committment speaks for that marriage certificate. We have three children in all. My partner and I both have son's from previous relationships and seven and a half years ago our daughter joined us. I love my family and am constantly looking for balance. We live in the SF Bay Area of California. Some of my interest are reading, making lists, checks and balances, learning to garden (ha ha stress on learning), DIY, knitting/crocheting, organizing, and being frugal. I work full time (outside of my home) and wanted to create this blog to share my life challenges and joys of being a full time working mom, of a busy blended family. Before I created this blog I enjoyed reading other people's blogs, but I had yet to find someone that's situation is similar to mine. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and thank you for stopping by.

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